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Solar Street Lights 400/500/600 Watts

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✅Zina Mwanga Mkali Sana

✅Haziingizi Maji

✅Zinakuja Na Rimoti Yake

✅Unaweza Kuzifunga Popote.Iwe Ofisini,Nyumbani,Godown,Sheli,Kiwanjani,etc


  • No electricity bill, because it only runs on solar energy
  • The lamp is very durable & less damaged, using up to 10 years
  • Auto mode: automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Sensor mode: Brighten at 100% power when someone approaches, no one reduces the brightness to 30% to save energy
  • Can turn off/on RADAR motion, light continuously in 3 rainy days
  • Smart remote control
  • Using high-end SMD LED chip with high brightness and wide light coverage
  • Design, form is very beautiful, sure, suitable for many spaces
  • Resist the peeping of thieves
  • Warranty period: 2 years