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Latest Floodlight 50,100,200&300W

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✅ The new upgraded new nano flood light is 600% brighter
✅ Using imported high-brightness LED lamp beads, combined with the high-reflection and high-diffusion characteristics of the nano-reflector lamp cup, effectively improve the reflectivity and illumination range
✅Four-core high-brightness LED wick is scientifically designed, and the lamp bead arrangement makes the light more uniform and purer
✅Power display, keep track of the remaining power
✅ Brighter and wider range, illuminating 100㎡
✅ Polysilicon combined with low-light charging technology, can be charged normally even in rainy days
✅ Resin tempered glass, the light is even and soft, anti-glare is not dazzling
✅ Intelligent light control sensor lighting, light can be charged during the day, and the light will automatically turn on at night
✅ IP67 waterproof grade sealing design, safe for outdoor use