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4G Solar CCTV Camera

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✅Mtu Akipita Usiku Inatoa Mwanga Mkali
✅Ina Uwezo Wa Kudumu Na Chaji Hata Siku Za Mvua
✅Utapata Meseji Pia Kama Mtu Akipita
✅Usiku Inaona Vizuri(Night Vision)
✅Ni Rahisi Sana Kuifunga
✅Inaweza Kuzunguka Pande Zote
  • This 4G Solar Camera is a unique camera that does not require Wifi Connection. Simply plug in your Sim card and then you can view footage by your phone even when you are outside the country
  • The Camera Contains 6 18650 Batteries of high capacity which can last up to 3 days when there is no sun
  • It Gives Notification to your phone if someone passes by the camera
  • There is night vision in the camera meaning that even at night it sees clearly as day
  • At night if it detects motion it lights up brightly in the dark scaring intruders away