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5 in 1 Magnetic Sunglasses

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   These Glasses are the most stylish and innovative in the moment.You get one frame and 5 pair of lenses! The frame is magnetic so attaching the lenses is very easy.These sunglasses are the best thing now for fashion enthusiasts.
  Sunglasses are not only great fashion accessories. Their most important job is to protect your eyes from the sun's ultra violet(UV) rays that can damage the retina of your eyes which may lead to blindness. But

prescription glasses may hinder you fom wearing sunglasses even in the hottest of hot weathers. But what if you can wear your sunglasses over your prescription glasses?

The 5 in 1 Magnetic Swappable Sunglasses Lens will let you experience the convenience of wearing sunglasses without sacrificing the need of wearing your prescription glasses. The package comes with a frame for prescription glasses and 5 different colors of clip-on magnetic sunglasses.


  • Different Style Options - different styles for different outfits.
  • Multi-Functional - These pair of glasses isn't just for STYLE alone! Each set of glasses comes with one polarized frame, and one with night vision making it an ideal companion for outdoor use!
  • Lightweight and Portable - The frame is made of TR90 material which is lightweight, extremely flexible yet super strong with 100% memory allowing the frame to bounce back to its original shape.
  • Affordable - Enjoy the luxury of having 5 specs in just ONE package! Not only does it promote practicality, but will also save you hundreds of dollars compared to buying one glasses for each color!









Package Content:

1 x Polarized gray lenses
1 x Night vision yellow lenses
1 x Mirrored blue lenses
1 x Mirrored silver lenses
1 x Brown lenses
1 x Optical frame
1 x Soft clip pocket
1 x Protective carrying case


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